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Monaco Hangup BagsMonaco Hangup Bags
Monaco Hangup Bags

The Original Hangup Handle Bag for Over 45 Years!

The Hangup bag MRO organization and retrieval system offers users 25% faster retrieval time compared with traditional bin or drawer systems. See-through hangup bags are heavy-duty, reusable, and available in 18 sizes, giving your MRO reduced expenses for hangar operations. The bags are made of strong 4 mil polyethylene and hang on any 3/8th-inch rod, which we can supply or the facility can source themselves. They are inexpensive to buy and extremely durable. Our patented re-closable hang/carry handle, combined with a tough, clear 4 mil polybag, is the perfect way to store nuts, bolts, tools, etc. Custom sizes and printing are available.

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