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Alloy Coating Supply Plasma/HVOF Spray Guns
Alloy Coating Supply, LLC

Plasma/HVOF Spray Guns And Systems

In the plasma spraying process, the material to be deposited (feedstock) — typically as a powder, sometimes as a liquid, suspension or wire — is introduced into the plasma jet, emanating from a plasma torch. In the jet, where the temperature is on the order of 10,000 K, the material is melted and propelled towards a substrate. There, the molten droplets flatten, rapidly solidify, and form a deposit. HVOF coatings may be as thick as 12 mm (1/2″). It is typically used to deposit wear and corrosion resistant coatings on materials, such as ceramic and metallic layers. Common powders include WC-Co, chromium carbide, MCrAlY, and alumina. The process has been most successful for depositing cermets materials (WC–Co, etc.) and other corrosion-resistant alloys (stainless steels, nickel-based alloys, aluminum, hydroxy apatite for medical implants, etc.).

Alloy Coating Supply carries a variety of plasma/HVOF spray guns and systems. Let us help you find the right equipment for your needs!

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