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Clean Aviation The Power of Regional Collaboration
Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking

The Power of Regional Collaboration

Synergy may just be the buzzword of 2022; the ultimate answer to delivering impact. But is this just the latest form of corporate ‘washing’? How often is there substance to support these lofty claims?

At Clean Aviation we don’t do ‘washing’ of any colour or type.

Yes, our work is a critical part of the puzzle to achieving climate-neutral aviation by 2050 but we certainly can’t make it alone. To deliver the goals of the EU Green Deal and Paris Agreement we need to work together with partners from across the full spectrum of the aviation ecosystem and indeed other industries at European, national and regional level. Our independent report on the socioeconomic impact of Clean Sky 2 identifies six key recommendations to achieving a climate-neutral European aviation ecosystem.

Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking has been leveraging regional talent since the launch of its pilot programme in 2015, and Clean Aviation will continue to build on this experience, extending its network of collaborating Member States and Regions at both strategic and operational levels.

Is your region propelling progress to cleaner flight? Discover some of the key national and regional projects that have made their mark.

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