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JAMCO Project Blue Sky

Project Blue Sky

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The JAMCO Group is working on the development of products to make aircraft cabins clean and sanitary to help alleviate passengers’ anxiety when flying on aircraft.

Project Blue Sky includes seat dividers to prevent the spread of airborne droplets, and a number of touchless or hands-free items for lavatories. Hands-free door lock knobs and door handles, toilet lids and seats, and waste flaps, along with a touchless faucet using infrared sensors to turn on the water, will enable passengers to avoid germ spread and maintain cleanliness. JAMCO is also developing an automatic disinfection process for the entire lavatory, which involves spraying a liquid disinfectant charged with static electricity. This allows a smaller amount of disinfectant to work effectively over a large area and greatly reduces the amount of time spent on cleaning compared to the regular method of wiping down surfaces.

Additionally, JAMCO is developing an ultraviolet disinfection program for aircraft interiors. Ultraviolet (UV) irradiation deactivates viruses and kills bacteria (disinfects) by destroying the DNA structures in these organisms.

Recognizing the impact of the spread of COVID-19 on the aviation industry, the JAMCO Group will continue to contribute to society through activities aimed at realizing related solutions, business ideas, products and services that only it can provide.

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