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Pratt & Whitney SMART Overhaul Solutions
Pratt & Whitney Canada Aftermarket MRO Solutions and Services

P&WCSMART Overhaul Solutions

Engine MRO and Exchange Solutions for PW100, PT6A, Helicopter Engines & APUs Through P&WCSMART

Lower engine overhaul costs and eliminate surprises with flat-rate and capped-cost solutions. In addition to competitive pricing and cost guarantees, P&WCSMART solutions typically include:

  • No extra charges for typical corrosion, sulphidation, or non-genuine P&WC parts
  • No extra charges for foreign object damage (FOD) provided it did not cause an unscheduled removal
  • Labour, new parts, used parts, parts exchange, sub-contracted charges, bulk, test and packaging
  • P&WC shop warranty

Solutions for PW100-Powered Regional Aircraft

Unique solutions specifically developed to support your PW100-powered fleet. P&WC delivers tailored, cost-effective solutions, including genuine P&WC parts and service for:

  • Overhaul parts capped costs
  • Hot section inspection (HSI) parts capped costs
  • New engine exchanges
  • Spare parts credits for Dash 8 Q100 aircraft (that incorporate the airframe life-extension STC)
  • New engine exchanges through our Fleet Enhancement Program

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Solutions for APS3200 Auxiliary Power Units (APUs)

Reduce costs, increase predictability and reliability with our APU solutions including:

  • New parts discounts for major gas path and life-limited parts for APS3200s
  • New APU exchanges for existing cores
  • Enhanced reliability and durability with an increased ratio of new parts
  • Reduced operating costs through extended time on wing
  • A significant reduction in “beyond economical repair” events
  • The latest-configuration parts installation
  • A new spare parts warranty

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Solutions for PT6A-Powered Aircraft

Tailored cost-effective solutions with competitive pricing and cost-guarantees including:

  • Flat-rate engine exchanges
  • Flat-rate overhauls
  • Capped costs overhaul parts
  • New engine exchanges under our Fleet Enhancement Program

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Solutions for P&WC-Powered Helicopters

Enhance your helicopter flying experience with outstanding performance, reliability and competitive operating economics. This program delivers genuine P&WC parts and service for:

  • Flat-rate overhauls
  • Capped cost overhauls and hot section inspections (HSIs)
  • Flat-rate engine exchanges
  • New engine exchanges through our Fleet Enhancement Program

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