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Qantas Engineering
Qantas Engineering

Qantas Component Maintenance Services

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We offer engineering support, line and base maintenance, component maintenance, engine and support operations, material logistics, technical support services, and engineering training. The Qantas Component Maintenance Services (CMS) workshops provide a complete maintenance solution for:

  • Aircraft Wheels & Brakes
  • Aircraft Slides and Rafts
  • Aircraft Batteries
  • ULDs (Cargo Universal Load Devices)
  • Galley Products (Ovens, Galley Carts, Chillers, Coffee Makers and more)
  • Water Waste Systems
  • Thrust Reversers and Nose Cowl Composite Repairs
  • Process Workshops including Machining, Welding, Shot Peening
  • Non Destructive Testing
  • Electro Plating
  • Signcraft

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