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Ardleigh Minerals Recycling Aftermarket Byproducts
Ardleigh Minerals, Inc.

Recycling Aftermarket Byproducts

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Our goal is to help you solve whatever recycling problem you have. The service we provide allows you to have one recycler for all of your thermal spray by-products: plasma dust, grit, sludge, metal chips, filters. We take both the valuable and the non-valuable materials because we believe what's important is not what's valuable to us, but what's valuable for you to recycle.

Ardleigh Minerals handles materials for the sole purpose of resource reclamation. We are not a waste management company. With Ardleigh’s 0% Landfill Guarantee, a material’s life-cycle changes from the linear “cradle-to-grave” to the regenerative “cradle-to-cradle.” No materials brought from our facility are placed into landfills, incinerated, or otherwise released into the world as potential contaminants.

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