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Honeywell SmartLanding and SmartRunway
Honeywell Aerospace

Reduce Runway Risk With SmartRunway and SmartLanding

Runway safety is a key concern. SmartRunway and SmartLanding is a software option for the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) that increases flight crew situational awareness during taxi, take-off, and landing and promotes stabilized approaches. It provides smarter alerts and added visual messaging that you need to approach the most challenging airports with confidence.

SmartRunway includes new advisories and visual messaging and complements electronic flight bag (EFB) solutions, if installed, through ‘heads-up’ advisories and supports ‘quiet’ cockpits with graphical alerts.

SmartLanding encourages compliance with stabilized approach criteria, such as:

  • Aircraft should be stable at 1000 feet above the field
  • Aircraft MUST be stable at 500 feet above the field
  • Aircraft is properly configured to land
  • Aircraft is on the correct vertical path
  • Aircraft is at the correct speed*
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