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FedEx Services


FedEx offers the most advanced shipment monitoring system, SenseAware®, a FedEx innovation. FedEx aerospace customers use SenseAware extensively for purposes that include following shipments in transit, measuring environmental conditions within aircraft, tracking tools at maintenance facilities, and monitoring the location of engine stands.

Unlike data-loggers that provide detailed information after a shipment is delivered, SenseAware uses sensor-based technology to communicate what’s happening with your shipment in real-time. It enables you to proactively respond to or mitigate potentially negative situations. Simply activate the SenseAware device and place it in or on your shipment or inventory. The robust online application lets you monitor your shipment’s integrity, security and location from your desktop or mobile device.

Developed by FedEx, SenseAware can be used with any approved air or ground carrier, domestically and internationally, or on private fleets. It can also be used in non-shipping applications, such as inventory control and process monitoring.

SenseAware is available on a subscription basis, allowing you unlimited use of the device(s), or on a single journey, pay-as-you-go basis.

More information: http://www.senseaware.com