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Paessler AG PRTG Network MonitorPaessler AG PRTG Network Monitor
Paessler AG

Start building your airport digital twin

Airports, airlines and other aviation industry actors create a lot of data points in their daily operations. The use of IT, OT and IoT technologies supports process automation, better information for their customers, on-demand mechanisms to share the information with many stakeholders, and several other activities meant to foster efficiency.

These data points, are providing an approximation of what a digital twin means. A digital twin is a digital representation of your operations processes, based on data. Your data matters, it helps you to create information that can help you make better decisions. When your data points are scattered all over the place in multiple silos, meaning different repositories and different data formats, it takes a lot of engineering hours to be able to merge everything and make it usable.

Consolidating data from multiple data sources, in similar formats and then being able to share this data visually, or through API to other important data analysis systems is a great advantage. And that's what Paessler's PRTG comprehensive monitoring does for you, it breaks the silos, consolidates your data, offers visualization and the chance for you to use your data for analysis. Get started now!

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