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Mahaffey Temporary Airport Hangars
Sunbelt Rentals

Temporary and Permanent Airport Hangars

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Sunbelt Rentals' portable structures are ideal for temporary mobile aircraft hangars. By meeting or exceeding the International Building Codes (IBC) criteria, these structures can serve as semi-permanent MRO facilities. Thanks to our modular designs, a Sunbelt Rentals structure large enough to accommodate a single-aisle commercial airliner can be built in as little as five days. This gets your repair crew to work faster and your airplane back to generating revenue. And these hangars can be equipped with sliding hangar doors, climate control, lights, fire suppression systems and just about any other option found in conventional airplane hangars. Once the job is done, the portable structure system means the owner retains 100 percent of the structure's value because it can be relocated to a different site, an important feature for owners constrained by shorter-term ground leases at their airport.

Ed. note—Learn more about this product and other temporary and mobile structures for on-the-go MRO at AviationWeek.com/MRO.

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