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Tiodize T8E 1400°F Lubricative Anti-Seize Grease
Tiodize Co., Inc.

Tiodize T8E 1400°F Lubricative Anti-Seize Grease

Tiodize T8E-H 1400° F Anti-Seize Grease does not contain calcium and replaces graphite petroleum grease on the new Gen-X and 9X Jet Engines. T8E-H is designed to be used as an aid for the installation and removal of threaded fasteners which are exposed to temperatures to 1400° F for long periods of time. Galled nuts and bolts are a big deal! Use T8E-H to eliminate the galling. You will be sold on it the first time you encounter stuck bolts during maintenance. To prevent these occurrences, use T8E-H on all fasteners. T8E-H is approved to SAFRAN DMR 75-905 and GE Aviation D6Y31C2.

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