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Adams-Rite Touchfree Lavatory
Adams Rite Aerospace, Inc.

Touchfree Aircraft Lavatories

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Adams-Rite's suite of Touchfree™ lavatory products is coming to market soon in an effort to address passenger concerns about COVID-19. 

Many travelers have expressed concerns about the cleanliness of aircraft lavatories and that will have an effect on air travel in the near future. Currently, 76% of passengers in a recent research study indicated that they are unlikely to fly today, 39% are unlikely to fly within 6 months and 15% are unlikely to even fly within the next year.

Sixty-four percent said they are less likely to use the lavatory now due to the pandemic. In fact, 53% of passengers avoid the restroom altogether and say that it is not clean. But Touchfree™ lavatory components, including an automated waste flap, a hand sanitizer and soap dispenser, and a lightweight faucet, eliminate these concerns. A whopping 61% of travelers indicated that they are more likely to book a flight with a carrier who has a Touchfree™ lavatory and 45% of travelers are willing to pay 5-10% more to fly on a carrier with a Touchfree™ lavatory.

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