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TTTech TTE-Switch Module A664 Pro

TTE-Switch Module A664 Pro

Certifiable TTEthernet® Network Switch Module 

The TTE-Switch Module A664 Pro brings the full power of Deterministic Ethernet communication technology to aerospace certifiable hardware. The switch module enables a wide range of certifiable networks: from standard Ethernet networks, ARINC A664 part 7/AFDX®* networks to fully-configurable TTEthernet networks – with speeds up to 1 Gbit/s. The switch module uniquely supports three standard traffic classes in parallel on one physical media enhanced by additional features for seamless integration of Ethernet network interface cards. Its very small form factor makes it fit at the core of all avionics switches.

Key Benefits
• RTCA DO-254/DO-178C DAL A certifiable switch module for use in flight programs
• RTCA DO-160G qualifiable switch module
• Fully compliant with Ethernet (IEEE 802.3), rate-constrained (ARINC 664 part 7) and time-triggered traffic (SAE AS6802)
• Safety assessment according to SAE ARP 4754/4761
• Speeds up to 1 Gbit/s 

Key Features
• Switching function: the high-performance switch enables the implementation of critical network-centric applications
• Virtual links and protocol support: the switch allows the configuration of up to 4,096 virtual links (VLs). VLs can be configured with 8 priorities and a bandwidth allocation gap (BAG) of 0.5 to 1,600 ms
• Data loading and diagnosis: the built-in management module runs on a separate CPU and allows for data loading as well as for querying the network status via SNMP; data loading is done according to ARINC 615A-3
• Network connectivity: 6 x 10/100/1,000 Mbit/s full-duplex Ethernet (via QSGMII), 18 x 10/100 Mbit/s full-duplex Ethernet (via QSGMII), 1x 10/100/1,000 Mbit/s Ethernet Mirroring (via QSGMII)

*AFDX® is a registered trademark of Airbus

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