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Matec Instruments Ultrasonic NDT Gantry Systems
Matec Instrument Companies, Inc.

Ultrasonic NDT Gantry Systems

Matec’s ultrasonic testing gantry systems are meticulously designed for demanding ultrasonic testing applications. Our horizontal, vertical, or flatbed-type gantries provide the perfect solution for precision testing.

With scanning envelopes tailored to your requirements and up to 32 axes of motion, our systems offer unparalleled flexibility. Scanning speeds for flat geometries reach 30 inches per second, and complex contour scanning becomes effortless through gimbal and dual gimbal assemblies.

Enjoy seamless integration with fully integrated mechanical and electrical systems, all computer-controlled for precise positioning. Our packaged water storage, filtration, and delivery systems, complemented by single or multi-squirter arrangements, ensure optimal performance. Achieve exceptional results with dynamic ranges up to 130 dB using logarithmic amplifiers.

Unlock real-time insights with data acquisition software offering multi-channel A-Scan display, alongside B-Scan and C-Scan functionalities. Our analysis software offers automatic flaw detection, measurement, and annotation capabilities. Optional turntable and part fixturing systems further enhance versatility. Trust Matec for cutting-edge gantries that redefine ultrasonic testing standards.

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