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Matec Instrument CompaniesMatec Instrument CompaniesMatec Instrument Companies
Matec Instrument Companies, Inc.

Ultrasonic Testing Systems

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Matec Instrument Companies is an industry leader in providing superior nondestructive conventional and phased-array ultrasonic testing solutions. Our systems range from small laboratory tanks to complex, multi-axis, immersion and gantry systems capable of scanning large parts and complex contour geometries.

Matec provides a full range of in-house services including mechanical and electronic design, machining and fabrication, instrumentation and control, applications testing, and data acquisition and analysis software.

Matec’s support services include installation and start-up, commissioning, training, instrument calibration, and repairs to ensure proper system alignment and calibration, and to deliver optimum performance and value.

Matec provides:

  • Complete ultrasonic testing system integration
  • Multi-axis gantries, immersion tanks and specialty systems
  • New construction and system modifications and upgrades
  • C-scan and full waveform collection compatible
  • Conventional and phased array ultrasonic inspection