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Novega Underwater Locator Beacons

Underwater Locator Beacons For Aviation

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Novega Aviation offers two excellent choices for Underwater Locator Beacons (ULB) in the aviation industry. 

SID88 is a low-frequency Underwater Locator Beacon (ULB) for aviation. Aircraft in service today are equipped with flight recorders with ULBs attached. The detectable acoustic range of the ULBs currently in use is limited due to their transmission frequency of 37.5 kHz. A low-frequency ULB transmitting at 8.8 kHz has a far longer detection range due to its lower frequency and therefore offers a perfect means of long-range underwater localisation.

GREEN90 is the first worldwide lithium-free Underwater Locator Beacon (ULB). The alkaline manganese cell in GREEN90 is as reliable in performance as any lithium cell. It convinces with its enormous safety advantages of this type of battery. The strict guidelines for the installation and transport of lithium batteries are irrelevant for airlines using the GREEN90. They benefit from a greatly reduced handling effort – compared to the use of lithium ULBs.

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