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Honeywell DU-875 Display Units
Honeywell Aerospace

Upgrade Cockpit With Honeywell DU-875 Display Units

The aviation industry is moving away from large, energy draining cathode ray tubes (CRT) to modern, lightweight and more reliable liquid crystal display (LCD) panels. Over the years, as the industry has advanced into the business it is today, LCD retrofitting continues to hold a high demand in today’s market.

The DU-875 display units are specifically designed with “plug and play” functionality for ease of replacing the old DU-870 CRTs. They are brighter, last longer and provide growth capability in the cockpit for electronic charts, advanced map, camera video, maintenance pages and optional XM® Weather information.

Benefits of upgrading to Honeywell DU-875 display units include:

• Updates cockpit to latest technology with very quick “plug and play” display replacement solution – can be done in less than a day – no downtime

• Lowers cost of operation - increases reliability by 2X and lowers weight by seven pounds per display unit

• Brings brighter, clearer, high resolution picture to the pilots

• Operators can replace display units one at a time upon failure or all displays at once

• Positions aircraft to later add operational features as part of Primus Elite upgrade

Trade in your old DU-870 CRT display for a new DU-875 LCD one and get $35,000 off for each upgrade you make. With a 12-month warranty and a $2,500 discount on your Honeywell Maintenance Service Plan (MSP) Avionics contract per display unit, you get financial and operational benefits and enhance safety and comfort for your pilots.

View this product at aerospace.honeywell.com