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Honeywell ELTs
Honeywell Aerospace

Upgrade to Smaller, Lighter and Safer ELTs

Honeywell’s RESCU 406 automatic fixed navigation (AFN2) delivers the next generation of emergency locator transmitter (ELT) with a smaller, lighter and easy-to-use interface.

It’s available in a single or six-axis G-switch configuration and automatically activates upon impact in the event of a crash. The transmitter's internal navigation input (ARINC 429) module connects with the aircraft navigation database to reduce search time by transmitting the latitude/longitude information in the 406 MHz signal in the event of activation.

Honeywell has developed and certified RESCU 406SG, which is a new and improved portable/survival type ELT. The new RESCU 406SG ELT incorporates transmission of global positioning system (GPS) location and also fully addresses the new Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulatory requirements concerning non-rechargeable lithium batteries.

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