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Aircraft Vacuum Line Treatment

VACTREAT - 2225 - Aircraft Vacuum Line Treatment

VACTREAT is a thickened cleaner, blend of proprietary surfactants, sulphamic acid and biocides formulated to prevent the build-up of soil deposits in vacuum and recirculating toilet systems. VACTREAT is highly effective to remove accumulated hard-water scale, organic waste materials and gummy deposits from pipes, pump equipment, toilet bowls and lavatory holding tanks. VACTREAT is the ideal maintenance treatment which effectively reduces the risk of blockages.

  • Effective formula to prevent build-up of soil deposits in toilets systems
  • Dissolves quickly and safely hard scale and prevents foul-odours
  • Maintains vacuums and recirculating systems in optimal condition
  • Application should be conducted every 7 days
  • Safe for air, sea and rail transport
  • Conforms to: Airbus N.T.O. / Boeing N.T.O. / B.A.E
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