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VAPORIZE Your Downtime -- Degas With NanoVapor
NanoVapor Inc.

VAPORIZE Your Downtime -- Degas With NanoVapor

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The ever-increasing emphasis on reducing aircraft downtime is a constant challenge for aircraft maintenance. Unscheduled and scheduled maintenance events can be very costly for commercial airline operators, as the economic value of aircraft out-of-service time can range from at $25,000 to $250,000 per day, depending on aircraft size, fleet utilization, and market.

We specialize in more efficient aircraft degassing products and equipment that reduce aircraft downtime and create a much safer and healthier workplace.​

NanoVapor’s patented delivery system reduces aircraft degassing time by over 90% from current degassing methods, which can typically take 12 hours or longer. During this process, only limited maintenance work can be performed in or around the aircraft due to the flammability and health hazards. NanoVapor’s system returns valuable maintenance time and aircraft availability to the aircraft operators and repair companies.

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