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Froude Texcel VX200
Froude, Inc.

VX200: The Last Controller You Will Ever Need

The VX200 Dynamometer Control & Monitoring System could possibly be the last controller you will ever need for your gas turbine test bed. 

For over a decade, Froude's Texcel VX100 series has been a critical component of the gas turbine engine test bed. The time-tested combination of our controller, water valve, and water brake dynamometer provides a performance level that is unmatched in the industry. We are pleased to announce that the best has become better.

Introducing the Texcel VX200, our latest hydraulic dynamometer control and monitoring system. Built upon the success of the VX100 and Froude’s proprietary algorithms, the VX200 hosts a powerful industrial PC and an ergonomic desktop controller with advanced features. As your test requirements change and technology evolves, this new control system is engineered to provide the technology upgrades and flexibility required of gas turbine test cells. Software upgrades and component changes can be performed quickly to ensure maximum test cell uptime.


  • High Performance Engine and Gas Turbine Test Applications
  • Optional Features for Power Generation Applications
  • Optional Features for Specific Turboshaft and Turboprop Applications

Flight Simulation Options:

  • RR Allison T56 and AE2100 flight mode
  • RR Type and Dart PCU propeller simulation
  • GE T700 integrated load

The VX200 installs quickly as a NEW system or as an upgrade to an existing VX100 system. We invite you to learn more about how Froude can help future-proof your test cell. 

View this product at froudedyno.com