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We Make Every Stitch Count
Ehmke Manufacturing Company, Inc.

We Make Every Stitch Count

Since 1929, Ehmke Manufacturing Company, Inc. has designed and fabricated a diverse range of technical fabric products for the U.S. armed forces, its allies, the defense industry, commercial OEMs, and a host of industrial applications.

Our product lines encompass military fabric items, including almost everything the modern war fighter carries, including:

  • Soft-sided cases and bags
  • Tactical gear
  • MOLLE packs
  • Medical cases
  • Aviation acoustical and thermal blankets
  • Ground support covers
  • Tarpaulins
  • Vehicular covers
  • Field kitchen fabric components
  • Assorted bags
  • Carrying cases
  • Straps
  • Web assemblies
  • Flashlight and handcuff pouches
  • Tactical knife sheaths
  • Custom cases
  • Medical cases
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