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Honeywell Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology

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Honeywell has created a variety of wearable products to make industrial processes safer and more efficient.

The Honeywell BW Ultra monitors up to five different gases simultaneously, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), while leveraging Bluetooth connectivity to allow safety managers to collect and track valuable data. The new detector also features Honeywell TouchConnect™ technology, which makes configuration, calibration and bump testing fast and simple.

The hands-free, wearable Connected Plant technology allows industrial workers to more safely, reliably and efficiently accomplish their tasks in the plant or the field. Honeywell's Skills Insight Intelligent Wearables feature a head-mounted visual display that responds to voice and brings live data, documents, work procedures, as well as health and safety information into view.

The 8680i Smart Wearable is a compact, high-performance and hands-free cordless scanner that helps improve efficiency and productivity for scan-intensive tasks. By eliminating the need to pick up a handheld scanner, scan the item and then set the scanner down, the smart wearable helps improve workers' scanning times by approximately five seconds per typical transaction.