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Metallized Carbon Corporation

19 S Water Street
Ossining, NY 10562
United States

Metcar manufactures carbon graphite and graphite mechanical components and offers finish machining to meet our customer's drawings. Carbon graphite and graphite are common materials used in aircraft systems due to their ability to self-lubricate in demanding aerospace applications. Because material composition is not always known for PMA parts, Metcar is also able to assist with material analysis. Our material analysis lab is fully equipped to allow us to run comprehensive material testing. This, combined with our in-depth materials knowledge, allows us to determine the composition of the PMA part and recommend a comparable Metcar material grade. Metcar's carbon/graphite aerospace material grades are able to withstand high temperatures, high altitude, and high speeds while also being self-lubricating and lightweight.

Metcar Aerospace Materials

Metcar's Role in Revolutionizing Aerospace Materials: Beyond OEM Parts

Metcar Beyond OEM Parts

Beyond OEM Parts

Metcar Graphite Aerospace Engineering

Transforming Aerospace Engineering

Metcar custom products

Revolutionize Your Engineering Projects!

Metcar Graphite Aerospace Engineering

Four Ways Graphite Transforms Aerospace Engineering

Experience the Metcar Difference!

Metcar Self-Lubricating Bearings & Seals

OEM Solid, Oil-Free, Self-Lubricating Bearings & Seals

Metcar Advanced Aerospace Technology

Setting the New Standard in Advanced Aerospace Technology

Metcar Helping Aerospace Engineers Push The Limits

Helping Aerospace Engineers Push The Limits

Metcar PMA Lab Support & Comprehensive Material Analysis

Experienced PMA Lab Support & Comprehensive Material Analysis

Advancing Aerospace Technology with Excellence