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We have a mission to deliver good products to our customers, that is, to provide satisfactory products.

We are thoroughly pursuing how high the quality of design, molding, processing and inspection can be FLOW with high quality.

We will make more customers aware of the goodness of CFRP, and will thoroughly pursue so that mutual companies that use CFRP can build a "WIN-WIN" relationship.

We are an elite group of CFRP. The manufacturing process of CFRP is interesting and I don't sell the material or sell it.

"Where can I get the ingredients?"

That's right! We also make the ingredients!
CFRP is a flat plate, structural shape, round pipe, square pipe.

We have made it possible to thoroughly cut the parts that can be cut by our own in-house manufacturing of all materials and processing.

The number of proposals in terms of quality, price, and delivery time is the best in the carbon industry for products such as structural shapes and irregular shapes that meet customer needs.

We are responding to quick delivery by thoroughly pursuing integrated production of FLOW from design → material production (molding) → processing → assembly → inspection → delivery.

We are CFRP Specialists!

“I'm always thinking about making things from an oblique angle, rather than making products straight by capturing everything.”