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Highland Technology P940Highland Technology P940Highland Technology P940Highland Technology P940
Highland Technology, Inc.

P940 Modular Power System

The P940 is a modular power instrument intended primarily for aerospace testing. It consists of a 3U rackmount enclosure with main controller, power supply and cooling, and provision for installation of up to eight power, load, switching, or measurement modules.

Features include:

  • 1000 watt universal-input 48-volt power supply that is distributed to all modules
  • Uniform, rational SCPI command set with Ethernet and USB interfaces
  • The P940 can also be controlled manually via front panel color LCD and controls
  • All modules include full measurement capability; each module’s measurable values (such as output voltage, current, and frequency) can be read remotely via Ethernet/USB
  • Atomic strobe allows a group of settings to be installed simultaneously across modules or multiple chassis
  • Four BNC connectors are provided to monitor any voltage or current waveforms
  • Voltage and current waveform acquisition across modules and chassis
  • UDP realtime data logging

Module functions include:

  • Up to 64 channels of DC power supplies, with programmable voltage and current limits
  • Up to 64 channels of programmable AC/DC loads, constant current/voltage/resistance
  • AC/DC power analysis
  • Permanent-magnet alternator simulators
  • Relay and LF/RF signal switching modules
  • Up to 192 channels of cable fault insertion and measurement
  • High voltage power supplies
  • Stepper motor, torque motor, solenoid, and hydraulic servo drive
  • Cryogenic temperature and helium level measurement
  • Additional specialized or custom/combo boards, based on Highland's existing suite of aero-space signal processing functions
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