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Metcar Self-Lubricating Bearings & Seals
Metallized Carbon Corporation

OEM Solid, Oil-Free, Self-Lubricating Bearings & Seals

The aerospace industry leaves no margin for error, demanding materials that can withstand high altitudes, high speeds, and extreme temperatures upwards of 1,000 degrees to meet the strict safety requirements of the industry. In these oppressive environments, aerospace engineers require high-performance materials that push the envelope for what is possible. The material that possesses the heat resistance and self-lubricating characteristics that satisfy these stringent requirements is highly-specialized Metcar® graphite.

Graphite’s layered structure and material characteristics allow it to run at higher temperatures for longer than other bearing and seal materials. So, it’s ideal for mechanical parts that help keep aircraft at peak performance. At Metcar, our proactive approach to develop next generation materials and our unique family of solid, oil-free,self-lubricating materials continue to set new standards in the aerospace industry. Our products can be used for: gear box seals, main shaft seals, APU seals, turbine motor starter seals, fuel pump bearings, and more. 

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