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MTI Instruments 1520 Precision Signal Simulator
Vitrek-MTI Instruments

Signal Simulator and Calibrator with WiFi Operation

This portable, easy-to-use system for testing and calibrating sensor-driven systems gives technicians laboratory-grade precision in the field, factory floor, or flightline, with a NIST-traceable signal source. Simulate accelerometers, pressure transducers, tachometers (generators) and more. 

MTI’s 1520 Precision Signal Simulator combines a rugged and ergonomic design with a battery that supports all-day use. This WiFi-enabled device can be remotely controlled via any internet enabled device on your network so that a single technician can perform troubleshooting and diagnostics. Technicians like the intuitive user interface and appreciate that its touchscreen is easy-to-use with a gloved hand. 

  • Signals – Dual Voltage, Single Current Loop, and Single Charge Mode in both Single Ended and Differential Forms.
  • Waveforms – Custom, Sine, Square, Triangle, Pulse, Tachometer, and Sawtooth from 0.1Hz to 100kHz n 0.1 Hz increments.
  • JOG function to detect "sweet spots" or critical signal values.
  • The automatic sweep function allows simulation of machinery startups and shutdowns.
  • Bridge Circuit Simulation – Easily command microvolts to simulate strain gauges.
  • High Accuracy voltage and charge signals with accuracies to 0.05%.
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