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MTI Instruments 1510A Precision Portable Signal Generator and Calibrator
Vitrek-MTI Instruments

The Standard in Signal Simulators / Calibrators

The 1510A Precision Portable Signal Generator and Calibrator is a must-have for engineers and technicians working in a variety of fields – from routine troubleshooting and maintenance, to calibrating and tuning advanced equipment, strain gauge amplifiers, or charge amplifiers for jet turbine vibration analysis.


  • Portable and Rugged including a spill proof keyboard.
  • High accuracy voltage and frequency signals with 0.05% accuracy.
  • Dual frequency synthesizers for accurate and independent control.
  • Twin mode signal outputs.
  • Generates SINE, SQUARE, TRIANGLE or SAWTOOTH waveforms for vibration signals. DC signals can be generated as an offset or as an independent output signal. Timing pulses with variable duty cycles can also be synthesized.
  • True engine speed signals – Produces tachometer generator speed signals as well as odd-tooth type signals.
  • JOG function to detect “sweet spots” or critical signal values.
  • The automatic sweep function allows simulation of machinery startups and shutdowns.
  • Operates for several hours on a single charge of its built-in NiMH batteries.
  • Up to 40 different “settings” can be SAVED and RECALLED to make test set-up fast, easy, and repeatable.
  • USB Port permits remote control of  the 1510A.
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