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Ellwood Quality Steels Premium Steels and Ni Alloys

Premium Steels and Ni Alloys

PPG Aerospace Adhesives

Aerospace Adhesives

NOVUS Plastic Polish

Restoring Aircraft Windows

Chemours Krytox

Lifetime Lubrication With Krytox

Cryotech Deicers

Aircraft and Runway Deicers

Experience the Power of Aviation

We create chemistry for a sustainable future

Andpak / Zip-Chem®

Ensuring aircraft performance & longevity

YOUR Source for Aerospace Coatings

Chromate-Free Corrosion-Inhibitive Sealant!

NOVIRUSAC® GEL - 3466 - Viricidal Toilet Sanitiser

Luminous Aviation Cleaning Solutions

Luminous Aviation Cleaning Solutions

Vertically Integrated Material Solution Partner

ORAPI Noviruclean 3471

NOVIRUCLEAN - 3471 - Concentrated Disinfectant Cleaner and Deodorant

Celeste® EcoClean

Get back in the air faster


Buy. Sell. Search.

ALEXIT PureGuard interior paint promotes hygiene on aircraft cabin surfaces.

ALEXIT PureGuard

A leading supplier to Airlines and MRO's

Trusted on the ground. Proven in the air.

Release® Heavy Duty All Surface Aircraft Cleaner

Release Heavy Duty All Surface Aircraft Cleaner